for mobile marketing
Aggregate data
End-to-end analytics in a single interface: graphics and spreadsheets. Upon the request and with intelligent notifications.
Identify insights
Highlighting anomalies in real time (segments and creatives). Regression and cohort analysis, Artificial Intelligence algorithms.
Generate recommendations
Convenient for responding suggestions
to increase effectiveness of placements.
Analytical services
Assistant works with all mobile trackers. It integrates necessary metrics in a single dashboard and exports them according to a given algorithm.
Advertising platforms
Assistant collects statistics and makes changes to campaigns on the largest auction sites.
Generate end-to-end metrics
Creating a plot or table with data from any integrated source. Exporting data in any format.
Visualize data
All of the graphs generated by team members can be viewed in a customized project dashboard.
Set up notifications
Set up notifications about anomalies based on received insights. Channels: corporate messengers, e-mail, desktop notifications, custom integration on request.
Analyze dynamics of project
Assistant allows you to identify trends and carry out proactive optimization activities.

Also in Slack: go to description
Identify anomalies
Assistant sends statistics on campaigns in the project with highlighting anomalies (positive and negative).
Track media buyers & partners efficiency
Statistics on the activity of units (employees/contractors), analysis of their effectiveness and unloading into a chat or in a table format.
Get smart recommendations
By means of cohort and regression analysis and algorithms of Artificial Intelligence (AI) recommendations for project optimization are formed.
Data is stored in PostgreSQL and processed by Python3. We use SHA256withRSA encryption and have an A + rating for HTTPS protocols. To display data, we use integration with Slack and frontend on Django.
Find scaling points
Anomalies detection and performance predictions allow to redistribute budgets towards efficient segments and creatives.
Improve efficiency of each unit
End-to-end analytics stimulates competition.
Encourage experience exchange
Timely notifications encourage communication in search for solution.